coming to your town…WIIFY?

What’s in it for you? has solicited placebloggers to provide hyperlocal content to their national platform. Have you gotten a solicitation? Have you considered it? Now, they’ve launched a new widget for their calendar, which makes it easy for a placeblogger to add a calendar sourced from AmericanTowns contributors. Would you use it? So What’s In It For You?

So, I’m tracking down the chief of this outfit to find out, but want to know — do you see competition, cooperation, or confusion with these national platform/hyperlocal sites?

See press release info:, the Web’s fastest growing site in the hyperlocal space, ( is expanding the reach of its community event database content via a new widget they are releasing today.  As you know, useful hyperlocal community information (vs. just local news) is growing in appeal to local users and many sites are looking to move that direction and to monetize that experience via advertising. 

Michelle Ferrier
Daytona Beach


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